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I started acting as a very young girl and was the kind of kid who was always in at least one play (if not two) at all times until I graduated high school.  As I entered college, people told me, “If you can possibly conceive of doing anything else with your life, do that thing.  Acting is  too hard, the chances of success are too slight.  If you can do something else, do that.”  So I did.  I did lots of something elses, everything from Cocktail Slinger to Dog Handler to Customer Service Giver to Horseshit Shoveler (for real).  I eventually found my way to Austin, TX and into sales.  I was one of the first 100 people to work for where I really honed my acting skills.  Acting like someone who wasn’t afraid to cold call or ask for an order.  I did well there but I wasn’t in love with my life.  Then came “Fight Club”.  Do you remember the scene in which Tyler Durden pistol whips Raymond the bodega clerk after finding a student ID card in his wallet?  As he beats Raymond about the head, he asks, “what did you want to be Raymond?”  Raymond confesses that he wanted to be a vet.  Tyler lets him go but warns that he will be watching him and if Raymond’s not taking steps to become a veterinarian in six weeks, Tyler will kill him.

That scene got under my skin.  I thought, “What if Tyler Durden was going to come blow my head off in six weeks if I wasn’t pursuing my dream?  What IS my dream?”  I picked up an Austin Chronicle and started auditioning the next day.  I got a job singing in a Disco cover band called “Scorpio 54” (I know) and started acting part-time.  Five years and a move to NYC later, I was finally able to leave my day job.

Whether it’s in a film, commercial or on-stage, I see acting as an opportunity to entertain, educate and inspire.

Check out some examples here.