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November12, 2012

I have been very lazy about updating my GUSYA page on the site. You may have heard that we had a little hurricane here in NYC.   My building was without power for five days and I got out of the habit of posting but we are back!  Others are not so lucky.  Many are without heat and power or worse, lost everything.  If you want to help, Occupy Sandy is a great organization.  They have been on the front lines from the moment the disaster struck.  You can donate HERE.

In the meantime, GUYSA.  Thanks to all the Vets as we observe Veterans Day today.  Here’s some A-sing music from Destiny’s Child.

October 19, 2012

GUSYA! Olivia Newton-John-Let’s Get Physical/For Jane Jacobs. I am so proud of your progress. I remember the first time you came to my class. When I told the group that we were going to do 100 pushups that day, you gave me such a look. I asked, “Will you try?” and you nodded your head and did your best. Now look at you!! You are a star. Happy birthday, love. (also, I forgot what a hilarious, man-meat filled video this is–wow!)

October 16, 2012

GUSYA! The Wombats-1996/These boys were fun at the festival. Another great ACL comes to a close. My favorite sets were performed by Rufus Wainwright (duh) and Die Antwoord (WOW). Thanks, Judy Im and Dallas Snell for the hospitality. Love you, Austin crew!!!