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A fitness page?  What’s a fitness page doing on an actress’s website?  Fitness has been a big part of my life as long as I can recall.  I do not remember my first karate class.  As far as I know, I’ve been kicking and punching my whole life.  I’ve also been struggling with my weight and feelings about my body for most of my life. Here’s what I have learned.  A healthy body is the natural result of a happy heart.   Staying fit is easy for me when I am happy.  Helping others stay fit makes me happy.  So I teach group fitness classes as a hobby.  Here’s what folks have to say about my classes:

**Darbi is hands down the most positive and inspirational instructor I’ve ever had the privilege of taking a class with! Her energy is insane and insanely motivating and she never fails to show up for the class, both literally and figuratively. Sunday mornings w Darbi were the highlight of our weekends for a long, long time! I so miss taking class with her.

**Darbi’s classes are the best way to start my day. She is a superstar instructor with a heart of gold who inspires her students to reach new levels inside and outside the classroom. You always feel happy, motivated, and ready to take on the world after a class with Darbi. And she will get you in the best shape of your life regardless of how old you are!!

**Darbi Worley is a fire ball of energy and excitement. When you hear of an instructor that breaks the 4th wall – Darbi shatters every wall/ceiling/floor with her positivity and support. During class she always makes that effort to make sure you’re working at your best. She understands the importance of intensity and can teach to any fitness level – everyone that leaves the class feels accomplished, supported and challenged. Her choice of music helps you along the way and inspires you to keep going. She blends the perfect amount of entertainment and burpee/lunge combos that make your workout fly by. Always going the extra mile – she takes the time to get to know her students beyond being another body in the room. She makes eye contact and makes you feel like she’s personal training you one on one when there’s over 60 people in the room. On a personal non-fitness approach – she is one my longest and dearest friends that I can proudly call family. I’ve worked with Darbi for over 6 years in fitness as an instructor myself. Her team work ethic overflows and she gets things done! She has helped me out of self-doubt and has encouraged me to follow my dreams. I love me some Darbi!

**Darbi is a [positive] force who will not only challenge you to push your fitness limits, but she’ll leave you smiling and wanting to climb higher. Whether you’re wanting to destress, overcome challenges, or achieve new fitness goals, Darbi has the light and energy to help you get there. There’s only a handful of individuals that I’ll wake up at 5:00AM for, and allow myself to be pushed and be told what to do for an hour. If you doubt yourself, spend five minutes with Darbi. If you love yourself, find a way to make Darbi and her mindset a part of your new lifestyle. What coffee is for the brain, Darbi is for the soul. All the feels. ❤️ Darbi knows exactly how to inspire, connect, and elevate. This also includes, heart rate, well-being, and physical state. Burpees suck. Burpees with Darbi suck less. Darbi has superpowers, including thought control. That nay-saying voice in the back of your mind doesn’t stand a chance. Are you ready, London? Beast Mode: ON

Want to read what others have to say about my classes?  HERE‘s my page on Drop by and leave me a review.